Chloe is available!

Chloe Kim is a CMS publisher, Web Designer, Illustrator, all-rounder in the media field, and Rubyst - started learning Ruby recently but passionated with this language deeply. I attained the bachelor degree at the USA, came back to Korea, then moved to Sydney, Australia. She fell in love with living in Aus and hopes her life in AU will go on.

  • CMS Master

    Various CMS experiences

    She has experienced in web admin role, especially using WordPress, Drupal, Magento, DND, and Joomla!

  • Web

    Front-End Coding

    I have working knowleges: Angular JS/JQuery UI & Mobile,Responsive Design, and Ruby with Database foundation

  • Graphics

    Visual all-rounder

    Multimedia-app usability: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, FireWorks, After Effect, Premiere, InDesign, DreamWeaver + Cinema 4D & Corel Painter

  • Illustration

    Freestyle illustration for commercial focused

    Her drawing style is a free-hand type and very dramatic in specialising to Graphic novels

Shortly about me

I am a techy girl who codes by using the bracket tool, creates massive data analysing sheets, designs graphic arts and UX frames
I started my career as an illustrator and cartoonist right after graduated university. I started teaching myself how to use adobe tools and became a multimedia designer during 2010-11. While I was working as a multimedia designer and content manager, I had a chance to learn web design & programming. Now I am coding and managing client side sites. What a progress :) I want to be a great programmer with my beloved language "Ruby" & various coding frameworks.

Work Examples