Macquarie Group : adviser portal

UI Developer / Contract.
Internal project

Project Brief

Live website :

- The environment deployed : WEM8, NPM module management

- The technical stack that I used: Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, a little bit of Angular for the form directives.

- Agile management team. It was mixed with Waterfall and Agile methology due to coporate structures.

- The project is ongoing content producing product. It was a content-producing & front end development combined role.

- Front end development + content management on CMS portal + design prototyping mockups before proceeding development.

My role title at Macquarie was a front end developer. The initial UI module development is done by an outsourcing agency and the system implement team of Macquarie. My role was more involving in taking a digital campaign ownership for adviser portal products. I was working in Adviser team, and Adviser team in Digital Department operates their technical help for all relevant stakeholders such as Marketing department and Adviser CS.

Based on requests from new campaign launch and content updates, I have managed the Macquarie group's portal system and developed the materials with front end skills. I used Bootstrap, CSS3(minified from Grunt based code guides with SASS), and jQuery for AJAX form controlling. Macquarie has their own CMS front end module guides. So I followed

Macquarie group's technology was so customised for their business operation, so I have to learn their CMS system to implement the front-end prototyping works. This is a afs-benchmarking product of Macquarie. The tool is developed and designed by Macquarie tech team in another branch. My role was slightly adding or adjusting new feature on the existing app up on the request.