HCF intelligence challenge quiz app

UI Developer / Freelance.
Agency : 3rd senses

Project Brief

Live is not available

- The environment deployed : Vue.js, Webpack, NPM module management

- The technical stack that I used: Bootstrap3, CSS3(Sass and Compass), Create.js, Vue.js, Webpack, Postman API

- For the new HCF intelligence challenge game. The project is not launched yet.

- Short term contract to build templates within vue.js

I built the templates of HCF intelligence challenge app (not a whole UX architecture flow but template and CSS3 developments). The app has two break points: Mobile and tablet. The template theme follows the default of HCF theme of their brandings. The quiz app is design by the designers in 3rd senses team.

Once user puts their login details or starts as a guest user, The practice session will start. After training session ends, User will go to real quiz flows. My part is linking the API's JSON data, which the link is provided from back-enders, to present on the template and build markups with interactive styles within Vue.

Left: User Dashboard template Right: User can check their answers after talking quiz on their login-dashboard.