About Me

Interactive developer having passion in games and animation.
Sometimes draw cartoons. Fast free-hand for story boards.
Occasionally tutoring beginners about programmings.

What I am

I self-learned Adobe tools and became a multimedia producer after graduating art school. It was not a big deal to become a technical producer because I already experienced to build simple websites. While I was working as a web/LMS content producer, I had exposed myself to web techs and slowly shifted my career to UI development. Due to this transition, I became a creative-minded developer. I want to be a great interactive developer and make inspirations visualised. Ultimately, I dream of being a media tech artist and becoming a creative resident in Intel or Google.

  Download my CV for the details

My multimedia Skills

Web Animation(GSAP,SVG,CSS3 transition)
Data drawing, Design mockups
UI Prototyping
Free-hand drawing(Story boards)