Digital art

Possessing good free-hand drawing skills and experiences of Sketch3 & Photoshop, I create various UI assets for the web, eDM, banners + illustration.

UI Development

I am a very design-minded developer. I care about interactivity, animation, and aesthetic matter. Bootstrap3, Foundation6, SASS with Compass, SMACSS, BEM, JS animation with some libraries, etc.. You name it. I will make sure all pages suiting to responsive grids.

Data journal

I have experienced in data analysing within Excel, plus using chart.js and d3 for visualisation. I am currently spending my time learning more about it. I will post my data analysing practices on my blog. Please check my blog.


She was a great person and solved all tasks that I do not want to face with myself. She was an excellent data analyst with a superior analysing mind.

Jennifer Mar Young in NSW Department of Attorney General & Justice, Employer

Gyuri shows good work ethics while collaborating with us. Always helpful and timely

James Bull in BCS International, Operation manager

She is very dedicating CSS3 development. Well followed UI/X designs and transferred to style guides.

Chris Armstrong in DT digital, The lead of FEnders

Spacecat dealt with a lot of UI defects fixes and delivered development under the high pressures.

James Wilmot in Publicis:firstfoot, Tech lead

All projects on her hands are ready to batch quickly.

Natalie Dimovski in Seek Learning & Think edu, lead of LMS team management